Proteus and Triton Picture

Quick sketch of the two sons of Poseidon, Proteus (right) and Triton (left). Never did get around to adding all the detail I originally wanted to.
Please note that Proteus, shapeshifter that he is, has pieces of him just kinda globuating out, as though he was not completely finished changing into this current form... like his hair on his right side, and his left shoulder, which is still forming out of his... eye morphing stuff. At the time I drew it, I thought that having these globs eminating fourth from him would be a very clever idea for drawing a shape shifter. But later I realized it wasn't all that innovative after all.
And Triton has a seahorse tail. Don't look at me like that, that's how he's supposed to be. I like his dorsal fin, nyaha.
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