Alpha Reference Picture

Mah Fursona!! I love her so much!! Even though drawing her was a pain in the neck, I started this around six/seven and I'm just finishing...
I feel bad for changing my fursona so much so I created her to be my fursona for a long time!! Also sorry for re-using the name Annabeth so much...I just love that name and I wanted her to have that name, but she goes by Alpha too. She should remind you of the real Balto, by her coloring and such because I was thinking how cool a husky would be if they looked like that and also because my dog has similiar colors too.
Name: Annabeth, but goes by Alpha
Gender: Female
Age: Teen/Young
Breed: Native American Indian Dog, Siberian Husky, some Retriever ,and a little Timber Wolf
Accesories: A collar with two tridents and "Athena" in greek, why...because I love greek mythology, Athena, and Poseidon. Also my beloved Yankees cap which I love so much!!
Personality : (Based off me) At first seems a bit shy and timid, but once you get to know me I'm really sarcastic and friendly. Also I'm loyal to a fault, because I've honestly gotten into a lot of stuff due to my loyalty. I'm also really clever and strategic, even though I'm not a genius. I try to be kind, and it's takes a lot to push my bottons, but after you annoy me to a point I will snap...
So I guess that's most of my personality in a nutshell
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