From Beneath the Surface Picture

After so much stress and lack of time, I'm finally uploading again! You guys must already be tired of hearing this, but this semester was outrageously heavy on workload for me, I basically wasn't able to do anything else in the last 3 months aside from worrying about and having a hard time with my college assignments @[email protected] But now I'm free and (hopefully) gonna get back to business and to my art! This is actually something I've been working on for quite a while, ever since I had finished my last deviation, but like I said, I had so much academic stuff to do that it left me no free time to continue this drawing until recently... And ta-daa, it's a new OC! Well, not actually "new", I've had her in my mind for a couple of years now XD

This is my OC for my sister's original story, Jason Chaos! It's about dragons (because she loves them) and her character which is pretty much the first and oldest OC of hers, and she's been working on and developing it for years. It has a really cool plot and she has elaborated it a lot with time, and I could see the whole process of how she fleshed out the idea through the years, which was a very interesting and privileged experience (if she would only CONTINUE writing it and translating it to English for people to see
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