Spitemonger, Inertis, and Geryon Picture

I'm submitting the three pictures I used to make this Deviaton [link] so that everyone can get a closer look at the Bakugan (I've no clue why it hadn't zoomed in further...)

From left to right:

Nova (Pyrus) Spitemonger: A fast and firey being who implements all sorts of fire/anger-based attacks.

Aqua (Aquos) Inertis: Advanced psychic/shapeshifter

Sub Terra Geryon: A superstrong, super durable Legendary* with six arms, three heads, and a tail. Based off of the monstrous cattle-herd from Greek Mythology.

*Legendaries are not to be confused with Legendary Bakugan.  A Legendary is a Bakugan who takes after a legend/mythical creature in name and sometimes form (i.e. Poseidon, Enkidu, Geryon, Dagon, etc.).  There can be multiple Legendaries of the same name, but this has not been proven.
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