SoulSilver Challenge-Rival Battle Picture

Too lazy to draw the fight scene.

In this page, we met a mysterious boy named Arian on our way back to the lab. Felicia appears to have a new obsession-*cough* crush.

How cute.

In case you're curious why I chose that name:

Arian is a Welsh name that has a rough translatino of 'Silver,' and is derived from the name of one of Poseidon's sons in mythology.

It's also similar to the word 'Aryan,' which the Germans used in WW2 to describe the 'ultimate race.' I'm not beign racist with this, I just thought it would fit given Silver's superiority complex.

Picture in the last panel is from here: [link]

I also laugh every time I see "Ludwig's rage is growing" after usign that, followed by Chikorita tackling XD

Also: "My banana against your crocodile." THE NEW ULTIMATE PICK-UP LINE. I am daring any one of you to use this someday.
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