MLP: FiM- Hippocampus Sea Star Picture

Okay, I made another Pony from a new tribe. This is Sea Star, a Pony based on a Hippocampus. A Hippocampus is a type of mythical creature from Greek Mythology, seen as part hose and part fish or porpoise. They are often seen pulling chariots of Gods like Poseidon, Triton or other gods of the sea.
So like Unicorns and Pegasai, it makes sense that the Hippocampi make for an Aquatic Tribe of Ponies. Unlike Sea Ponies, Hippocampi have front legs that end in hooves rather then fins, and their tails end in flukes rather then being prehensile.
Sea Star, a purple Hippocampus with the back end of a dolphin instead of a fish has a green starfish as her cutie mark. She likes to be glamorous and popular, trying hard to be a 'star' but tries to have a good heart when it comes to her under sea friends and often puts their needs before her own ambitions.
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