Sailor Rhode Picture

Sailor Rhode: The Senshi of Desire & Determination
About the Girl
Name: Midori Amayahisa
Name Meaning: Green (Midori) Ever Lasting Night Rain (Amayahisa)
Birthday: March 11th (16 years old)
Eyes: Light Green with Grey tints
Hair: Dark Green, almost like a shade of Black
Skin: Light Caucasian
Height: 5ft2

Likes: The color green, panthers, and cosplay
Dislikes: Uncivil matters, rude people
Strong Points: Determined and good hearted
Has Trouble With: Focusing on matters at hand
Dream: To find her place in the world

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Rhode
Realm of Influence: Named after a fictitious mass orbiting Venus who’s namesake , Rhode, is the Nymph daughter of Aphrodite (Venus) and Poseidon (Neptune) in Greek/ Roman Mythology
Transformation: Rhoda Beauty Power, Make-Up!
Colors: Light Spring Green and Dark Orange
Outfit: A mix between Codename Sailor V fuku and Eternal Sailor Senshi fuku
Attack: Lovely Waves!

In the Silver Millennium
Rhode was an exotic dancer on Neptune. She had been dealt a hard hand and a tough life to accompany it. As a distant cousin of the Royal Family, she wasn’t given much any respect by the people of her home planet. She dreamt of traveling to Venus. For Rhode, Venus was the most beautiful plant in the solar system. One day, finally fed up with her planet and most all of it’s inhabitants, she went to her distant cousin, Princess Neptune, and asked for her one true wish. Princess Neptune granted her request and used her powers to teleport her safely to Venus. Upon her arrival she was greeted by the planet’s ruler, Princess Venus. The two ultimately became friends and Rhode was asked to join her court. Being part of the royal court Rhode was addressed by the people of Venus as Lady Rhode and spent most all of her stay in Magellan Castle hovering Venus’s atmosphere looking over the planet. When the great catastrophe was about to hit the solar system Princess Venus went to the Moon Kingdom for the final battle of the Millennium but before she left she made a few members of her court Sailor Senshi to defend Venus against harm, thus Rhode, or Lady Rhode, became a Sailor Senshi.

In Present Day Tokyo
Lady Rhode is known as Midori Amayahisa is present day as her reincarnate. She’s a 16 year old school girl. Mildly an otaku, she enjoys, like most young people now a days in Japan, reading manga and watching anime. On the weekend she and her friend, Kohana, like to go shopping for new cosplay to display their new outfits on the streets of Akihabara for fun. One day, while in an Akiba arcade, she was playing a UFO prize catcher machine and won a chibi panther plushie. When she got home from her day in Akiba she put her newly won plushie on her window ceil and went to take a shower. By the time she returned to her room it was night and her plushie had turned into a real like chibi version of a panther! Evidently in the light of a full moon this plushie was awakened and came to life. He, or she, was cleverly nicknamed by Midori as Pan. Pan wasted no time in enlightening Midori of her Senshi duties and obligations. As proof he, or she, offered her a heart shaped locket with a dangling mini golden bow as a henshin item. Midori was prompted by Pan to recite, “Rhode Beauty Power, Make-Up!” thus transforming into Sailor Rhode proving she’s truly a Sailor Senshi. Of course all of this just lead the poor girl to think she was delusional and going insane. She passed out from all the excitement leading her to believe it was all a dream only to find Pan sleeping on her head. From that day on she became Sailor Rhode!


Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Rhode & Art belongs to me

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