Neo Sailor Thalassa Picture

"Neo Sailor Thalassa, Soldier of the Primordial Seas, member of the Star Warriors, member of the Nereids and Oceanids sub-cult, the Lady Thalassa."

This young Sailor Warrior hailed from a city by the sea in the Pokemon World. Young Sabine Admus was born in Slateport City on the Hoenn region to an affluent but arrogant family. She was sadly born with a deformity in her left eye that rendered it virtually blind. Her parents, despite their arrogant narcissism, were kind enough to replace her deformed eye with a bionic one. But that was the only thing they did to her. She had a lonely childhood, with only one of the kind butlers of her estate home providing her the company and care her parents didn't give her.

Despite this, she developed a strong, masculine personality yet still retained plenty of her feminine charm and care. Even though she never received much love or affection from her parents she seemed filled with it, and she developed a strong love for Water-type Pokemon, especially Kingdra. She grew into a very young and confident woman, though her narcissistic parents took little notice of their daughter's growth.

Sabine eventually decided to go on her own Pokemon journey but had no interest in competing. She just wanted to go out and explore the world, which she did, finding much to her delight, including capturing her own Kingdra. As she traveled the world, she caught the eye of the Star Warriors, for they noticed that Sabine was a kind individual to all who needed help of some sort. She displayed such love and care that they decided to offer her the chance to become a Sailor Warrior.

Interested, Sabine chose to accept and became a strong student. When she became a Senshi, she chose to honor all Water Pokemon and become a sea-based Warrior, taking on the name of Sailor Thalassa, after the primordial sea goddess of Greek mythology.

Years later, she is now Neo Sailor Thalassa, and one of the Star Warriors' most ardent and strong fighters.

Weapons and Items

Telchine Blades- twin kopis swords of excellent craftsmanship, they were forged by skilled bladesmiths descended from the Telchines, the original inhabitants of the ancient island of Rhodes and master craftsmen in their own right. They were also the children of Thalassa. The Telchine Blades are individually named Actaeus and Lycus after the two greatest of the Telchine smiths. Both swords are intricately detailed and extremely sharp. Sabine, as Sailor Thalassa, wields them both in battle, which means she is a master of dual dao swordfighting and Jian fencing, even though her blades are not Chinese swords. The Telchine Blades are also her signature Attack Items.

Water pearl- a simple water pearl serves as Sabine's Transformation Item. With the incantation "Thalassa Sea Power!", a rush of water envelops her body, turning into her uniform and completing her transformation as Sailor Thalassa.

Known attacks

Pontus Rising- named after the primordial Greek sea god before Poseidon, it is her strongest attack, for with it she can not only command the sea but the many resources beneath it. She can communicate with sea animals, morph coral and bedrock into potent weapons, and create whirlpools, malestroms, and other strong sea-based phenomena.

Sea Slash-involving the use of her blades, Sabine can generate a field of pure energy that can slash through all physical matter instantly. Precise like a scalpel and as fine as a hair, the Sea Slash is a precision attack.

Another Sailor Warrior, this time my own character based from the Pokemon World. And a Water-type. Enjoy.
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