13. Misfortune Picture

....was let loose upon mankind because of this.

Had to draw this for my Media and Study Skills.

Pandora had locked the golden box in an oak chest, and buried it under a large round boulder because it kept tempting her.

When Pandora finally opened the box all the ills of the world were let out upon the world (The story says the were lizard like creatures with bat wings). I just made up random ones.

The gray one is sickness and the black one next to it is death. (The two are always together...)

The green one is envy, the yellow is greed, and the red is anger (based off the seven deadly sins.)

And the purple one is insanity, and the blue is sorrow.

Ah yesh and if you read the story there is one spite, foreboding, that is locked back in the box. If it had been let loose people wouldn't have any hope and the world would end D:
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