Chastity and Lust Picture

This picture took FOREVER to edit X_X Drawing and coloring took a few hours. Editing it took all day. That's what happens when one of the characters has WHITE fur XP

Anyway, I had the idea to do a series of Guardians based on the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues. I already had Wrath (Mukot) and came up with Persephone, for Lust. She's on the right.

Currently I have most of the Deadly Sins covered. I've got Cain, for Envy, Midas, for Greed, Denethor, for Gluttony, and Gaston, for Pride. All I need is one for Sloth and I'm set XD

Anyway I wanted to work on the Seven Heavenly Virtues, and Chastity was the perfect place to start. Agatha, the albino cat, is the Guardian of Chastity.

I've told you Persephone's story already so let's build on it and tell you Agatha's.

Agatha and Persephone are like sisters. They're like two sides of the same coin. Agatha represents abstinence, while Persephone is all about raw lust. They awoke together before the universe began, and while they are not proper sisters, they were always very close despite their differences.

Both became Dark Guardians when they came across Mukot, his family, and the other Dark Guardians. Agatha was like Bolero and felt she should have been a Light Guardian. However she stayed with Persephone, the two of them growing close to Medula, eventually becoming her priestesses.

As time went by, however, Persephone, after being raped by a rogue Guardian, began to get closer to Mukot and became corrupted by his evil intentions. After Medula is killed, Agatha, one of the few who never believed Omega would kill her, was the only one of them to stand up to Mukot and Persephone.

Mukot punishes her by using Persephone's control over lust to cause all of the male Guardians left to violently rape Agatha. She loses her purity, the ultimate shame, since she is the Guardian of Chastity, and wanted to remain pure.

The only Guardians who don't rape her are Sith, Serpent, Mukot, Bolero and Cain. Cain because his envy won't allow him to share a woman, Mukot because he wanted to preserve himself for Persephone, and Serpent, Bolero and Sith because they couldn't stomach it, and because they could resist Persephone's control.

The violent rape goes on constantly for a very long time.

Once it's over, Mukot curses Agatha, turning her beauty into ugliness. He then casts her and the other females away, leaving only Persephone to have him and all of the males left. Cain will only lay with her when he is alone and away from the others. Bolero, Sith, and Serpent are never touched by her.

Agatha alone knows where the female Guardians go. She tells them to hide, and keeps watch over them. In this new hideous form, one look can turn her enemies into stone.

...she is partially based on Medusa from Greek Mythology. Medusa was a priestess of the goddess Athena. She was meant to preserve her chastity in order to be a priestess, but is violently raped by the god Poseidon. Instead of punishing Poseidon, however, Athena instead blames Medusa, and curses her, turning her into an ugly monster, with snakes for hair, able to turn people into stone with one look. my RP with Gem, Agatha has her form restored by Medula.

It's rather sad. Both girls rule over sexuality in some form, and both of them end up raped somehow. Very sad.

Persephone came out better this time, even if the black fur makes it impossible to see details on her face (eyebrows are there you just can't see them X_X)

Agatha is albino! I always wanted an albino character XD

I had fun with the outfits! Persephone wears red and gold so I put Agatha in blue and silver =3 Adds to the reflection thing they've got going ^^

Anyway, Agatha of Chastity and Persephone of Lust belong to me.

~ Halo
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