Hippocampus Picture

yay I finally colored it.
gotta admit I like his head fin thingy. idk what it's called the spiny fin thinger on his head.
I am Not trying to draw water. I mean if it was a smaller drawing I'd probably attempt it. but two reasons. 1. don't wanna wreck it. and 2. the paper is 22.9 x 30.5 cm big and I mean that's ALOT of water I'd have to draw.. I know that sounds lazy but it's not being lazy it's just drawing water or trees and stuff for a long amount of time pisses me off and I usally get mad and ethier throw the drawing out or do a sucky job. and I like this drawing and don't wanna do that. I might attempt to sometime but for now na.

(fyi, that's the main reason I don't do alot of backgrounds.)

btw last thing might cut the paper down and then sense it'd be smaller then I could probably do the water then. idk. *yawns* to tired to care atm.
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