One with the Spirit of the Ocean...Shaka Brah! Picture

Two of my favorite loves, surfing and studying Hinduism!

Pen and Ink on Paper with Colored Paper

I am really happy with how this drawing flows nicely, and to me, it is a fun happy piece. It depicts Lord Varuna, (who in Hindu mythology is considered the god of all forms of the water element, particularly the oceans) playing and having fun with the surfer. I pictured the crown on Varuna's head resembling a conch shell, since he symbolizes the oceans. The word ṛtá, written on his crown, means order or season, and he is also considered the supreme keeper of order and god of the law.

The trident is associated with him, just like it is with Poseidon and Neptune, since all of these deities rule the oceans. I wanted to illustrate that him being a water spirit could also be transparent and not always solid, but sometimes would be in liquid form. To achieve this effect, I drew the surfboard and its fins going right through his lower left arm as you view it.

I am really satisfied with how the waves turned out. You can feel the movements of the currents, and looking into the distance, you cannot tell where the water ends and the sky begins. The Ocean God is gesturing the shaka sign with his upper right hand, commonly known as "hang loose," a gesture often associated with Hawaii. In surfer culture this means friendship. The symbol at the bottom left side signifies, Lord Varuna, and the symbol in the bottom right signifies the Supreme Being, Brahman.
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