Callistos and Corvo Picture

My OC Callistos and her stallion Corvo. Callistos has a thing for Stallions, and loves her Corvo, considering everything she went through to get him. In short, he is a Kelpie, from Celtic Mythology, and he was originally going to eat her, but Callistos's touch tamed him, because her father is Poseidon; Lord of the Sea.

When she brought him back to the midland of Italy to her Villa in Rome, she trained him. It took almost a year, but Callistos trained him to go without a bridle or a saddle, and he is even dependable near water. He is the second fastest horse in Europe, next to Arion, her Stallion that she gave to Abel. He can jump and race and do dressage, all without any tack.
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