Amphitrite Picture

A melusine who one of the four Forces of Nature. (Elite soldiers of Gaia.)

Nicknamed "The sea of creation," Her element is water. But not just water as a liquid, but also ice and vapor. She has the ability to freeze or liquefy water, as well as the ability to create whirlpools, and tsunamis. She also control's an army of prehistoric sea beasts.

She's named after the wife of Poseidon from Greek Mythology. She joined the Gaians because they heard a rumor going around that she slayed a water dragon. Her reasons for doing this is she was trying to protect a pod of blue whales, so she had to do it. After killing the dragon, she skinned it and had it's hide forged into armor, which the wear's to this day.

She's fairly strong, both physically and magic wise. She also tries too keep a cool head in battle, but some time's lose's her temper. she's skilled with her military fork, "Helheim," which is made of a seemingly indestructible ice that doesn't melt.

She's usually very calm, composed, and collected. But can also be rather cold blooded, uncaring, and lacking of remorse. She mainly only care's about her team, the sea, and Gaia.
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