Be the Crazy cyclops. Picture

Oh, hello there.
I............. Can explain.
Lately everybody's been drawing themselves as if they were in homestuck. And, yeah,
I have done this a few times before.
But not I'm being SERIOUS.

So, This is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. homelessZombie. Types in dark orange colour. Picture of an Eye on shirt. Really obsessed with greek mythology, especially Cyclops. And then there is the sprite. THIS HAPPENED -gestures aggressivly to Cyclopssprite- when a turtle she prototyped her pet turtle and her Cyclops Head keychain.
her strife Specibus would be .. aaaahh... A make-shift Poseidon Triton and Gandolfs hat put together. At the ends of the blue triton are little grey Wizard hats, hahahahaha.
And her computer is a shitty old windows one and she has to lug it around and somehow it works even without being plugged in. (but it turns into a tiny little robot and malfunctions like a motherfucker all the-- FUCKING FUCK FUCK SHIT WORK GOD DAMMIT-- time.)

Ahhh, thats all for now

Art is mine
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