From Earth to Sea and Sky Picture

Ah, finally. I think I am now finished with my submition to the Design the Gods contest.
Now, let's see who they are!

Hildalgo: Hoping I spelled that right, as my internet is all icky today, but let's start with him. I wanted him to have the same colorings as a regular old mountain, with the brown for the base, the grey for near the top, and the white for snow. Also, mustache because I can and it looks good. Obviously his cutie mark is because he created the mountain range that bears his name.

Amphitrite: I love love love Greek mythology, and I just had to go the extra mile for Amphy here. I based her basic appearance off a sea horse (pardon the pun) and added jewelry, because it just looks good on her. Next is the legs. Why did I add legs? Because last time I checked, kelpies had legs. And she's the goddess of kelpies too, again, last time I checked. And I must say my favorite part is the tail. And the webbing. Now for the cutie mark, I made a wave design for the background, as well as a trident and a bubble over the top. Why a trident? Because in Greek mythology, Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon, whose symbol was a three pronged trident, so I just had to add that little tidbit in there. Also, I am proud of the way I did the eyelashes, also based off of waves.

Rosedust: This one I am the least proud of, because I'm rushing to get this in before the fifth. Oh well. Basically she's the goddess of all things fairy, and created the changelings. Which should explain the eyes, since I based those off the Queen of Changelings, Chrysalis. Why? Because she's the top boss of the fairies. Also, I just tried to do something different. I wished I made the white part of her eye a little lighter, but oh well.
Also, the cutie mark is basically a hoop of rose petals and thorns. I... got a little lazy. Oh well.

I'm just glad I managed to do it all in time. I had a lot of fun designing them. My favorites would have to be Sleipner and Amphitrite though, because they deal with mythology and I actually tried to do my extra best on them.
So I hope you enjoy these three!

I own nothing except the designs.
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