Cyclops design side view Picture

I haven't posted anything in a while because I've been using my summer to work on some of my fundamentals such as anatomy, life drawing, color theory, composition and other things of the like.

This is one of the concepts for a design of the Cyclops character from Homer's "The Odyssey". I thought I'd post it up and get some opinions. This is just one of a few of my ideas, and just his body, the character will eventually be clothed and given accessories like weapons and possibly a pet.

The Cyclops character is normally portrayed as just a large man with a single eye. I want to do something more original and delved into the Cyclops' back story.

The Cyclops is the son of Poseidon, the god of the seas. I wanted to add some aquamarine qualities to the cyclops and in this concept drawing I have him with webbed fingers and toes and legs similar to that of a frog's leg structure. He will also have fish like scales in areas and skin of that of a blue whale.

He is also known for keeping sheep large enough that Odysseus uses them to hide under as he and his men escaped the Cyclops' cave. I would have him show some shepard qualities through herding his sheep, keep a staff and possibly show this profession in his garb.

Lastly, it is hypothesized that early people came up with the mythology of the Cyclops when they found the skulls of mammoths. They mistook the hole where the mammoth's trunk would come from in the skull as the sole eye hole. With this in mind I researched the skull of a mammoth and formed his head from this and included tusks.

Comments, opinions and constructive criticism is always appreciated
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