Captain Talos Planet Picture

Here is my redesign of Captain Planet! I really enjoyed the show as a kid and wanted to give Captain Planet a bit more of a serious take. First off he is Talos, a being created by Hephaestus for Gaia to protect the Earth. He was given the power of water from Poseidon's waters to "flow with the change of the world," then given the power and armor of fire from Hephaestus' own forge to "be protected from the dangers that harm the world," then given the stabibility of Earth from Gaia to "stand firmly where he belongs," granted use of Hermes' wings to "soar above the expectations of the world," and finally given a piece of Aphrodite's heart to "know what is right for the world."

This will be posted on my personal facebook, tumblr and reddit so if you see them there they are more than likely mine!
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