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The Mermaids of Alope #5

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Models: Kylie
Photo: Me

...Replacement was an incredibly rare occurrence, however, because it posed a threat to that Mermaid, as well as the remaining Mermaids at the Spring. Only a very small portion of mankind was aware of Alope and her Mermaids to begin with, but even fewer knew of the special gifts they possessed: a kiss on the lips of the human from a Mermaid would allow the human to breathe underwater for a time; when Mermaid scales were shed, they transformed into diamonds; if a human were to drink the water of the Spring from a Mermaid's hands, they would be healed of any ailment or injury; but most desirable of them all, while in human form, the Mermaids could conceive with human men, and the resulting offspring possessed a gift of their own - the tears they cried were those of immortality, and if harvested and drank by humans, they would become immortals themselves, therefore making these Mermaids and their potential children extremely valuable....

[to be continued in next photo]

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