Firestar Blinden Picture

Well, this drawing has quite a history to it, and this isn’t even the story part! It happened mid 2006, before I was on DA

It all starts when I was searching though the original series Battlestar Galactica ships. A couple of really good sites have dozens of cool designs and names, but most of them stick pretty much to the basic Battlestar frame.
Then one caught my eye, the Firestar. Its not much to look at compared to the others, but for some reason, something intrigued me about it.
It looks like a Battlestar, but instead of three pylons supporting the flight pods there were only two. It was also allot smaller than the Battlestars.
I read on and found out that this was the ship that preceded the Battlestar in terms of the pride of the fleet. In the thousand yahren war before the beginning of the original series, the Firestar had been used in the place of the Battlestar. It was smaller and lighter armed than the Battlestars, but back then so were the cylons. In the early years the Firestars could fight one on one with an early base star and expect to win. As the war progressed though it took more and more Firestars to outgun the base stars, sometimes up to 7 for one base star. Even continuous upgrades didn’t slow the process much. Pretty soon, the Battlestar was introduced. It took the flagship role, and the Firestars were kicked down to escort, frigate, or defence duty.
With allot of people on wolf shipyards coming up with their own weird and wonderful ships, I thought what would it be like if you took an original series Firestar, and 'new-seriesed' it?

It stayed at that for a while, until my creativity and boredom took hold of me one day and I found myself knee deep in the useful-box trying to build my own Battlestar Galactica (new series). I built the head, and it turned out wonderful, but then I had the problems of the body. I didn’t want to put all that detail into it, and so I decided to go fore a more Mercury-class Battlestar look. As such a more 'modern' looking ship came out of it, in terms of the series. As I was building it, I was trying to figure out what to call it, what it was, what it did?
Then it hit me! A Firestar! Thus I built a Firestar. Soon I'll post pictures of the model, it’s still not completed yet, it needs to be painted, touched up, and I have to decide where the guns would go.

A few days later I was up on the computer, doodling around on paint. I was wondering what to draw, and my Firestar was beside me. It didn’t take long for me to do the basic frame of it. The head and engines I took from various other people’s works of art from wolf shipyards (sorry for plugging it so damn much, but its really that good!). The hours, then days, then weeks flicked by and I steadily lost interest in the project. My Firestar model began collecting dust on my chest of draws, and the MS paint drawing became lost in my hard drive.

April 2007
I witnessed The name of the ship is my grandma's maden name, and besides it being an important part of my family, I thought it was a pretty cool sounding name! The Firestar was as yet unnamed, so instead of going for the probably better alternative of a character from Greek/Zodiac/Egyptian mythology, I went for it.

Well, that’s the history for it. The story, as opposed to most of my other Deviations is rather short as yet.
Part of the thing with the Firestar was that I made it whilst I was writing the original Battlestar:
Poseidon. The original plan was to make an anthology of short stories about various ships of the colonial fleet that didn't make it. The point was to emphasise how much the colonial military suffered. I wanted to help build on the fact that, out of over 160 Battlestars, only the Pegasus and the Galactica survived.
Now that I'm well into the 30 page mark of BSP: directors cut, and with no end in sight, it probably won’t happen, but I still would like the story of the Blinden see the light of day.

The Firstar in the new series colonial military saw service as a patrolling ship. It was the ship that was replacing the old Galactica type Battlestar's. The ship was a newer type of vessel, but it was designed for affordability, and as such was small, had little anti fighter armament, and a small compliment of Vipers. With the advancements in colonial technology though the vessel could still stand up to most other ships of its size and bigger in a series of war games.
the Blinden itself, part of the famous anti-cylon BattleStarGroup-25, is docked in an anchorage station when the attack came. a damaged Battlestar makes its way to the station, and docks with it. What was left of the crew, abandons the Battlestar and go to the Firestar. Its entire crew had been massacred by cylon centurions, and all of the ammunition from it and the station was gone. The crews transported their equipment, ammunition, and vipers across to the Firestar, and, leaving their own Battlestar burning in its port, set off with the Firestar to find out if anyone had survived...

That’s as far as I've gotten with the story, I haven’t even gotten a rough draft written up, and it’s still a concept. But I'm gona go with it. Now, those of you who have managed to read all the way though this epic description, you must have lives, but I applaud you anyway. Comment is always appreciated!

*edit: I added the name plate to the other side of the ship
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