Drosia, Ninja of Water. Picture

Ha ha! Okay a quick note to all of you 'ninja of water' owners

Ask yourself these questions..

Does your ninja have a golden weapon? Where was it found?

Does she/he have an elemental dragon?

whats her/his ninja suit design?

If you can't answer these questions, its a sue.


Name: Drosia Trill

Age: 15

Powers: can teleport in a vapor of water. Can heal and summon water from bodies of waters, also can summon the powers of Poseidon (you'll understand by the end of this)

Weapon: Halberd of Water [link]

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Sea Green

Birthday: January 5

Birthplace: Ninjago, near the beach

Personality: Kind, sweet, gets very angry if you hurt her friends....she might even use her powers

Strengths: water, beauty (she'll make you sing like a song bird)

Weaknesses: her powers, water, her past, and her friends

Likes: hanging out with her friends, her normal life, Greece, Mythology.

Dislikes: Sierra (Celestia's rival), Nokk, Nixie, Nyx, Wrath, water, her powers.

Crush: None..(at the moment...*evil grin*)

Relatives: her mother and father

Bio: She was born on January 5, when she was about 2 months old, a tsunami hit the beach on Ninjago, and killed everyone who lived on the beach, except her. Everyone was completely shocked when they found a 2 month baby, crying in a messed up cradle, in the middle of all the fallen houses and buildings.

When she was 3 years old, they shipped her to Greece, when they told the foster home about her situation, they thought Poseidon had blessed her and they took her in with open arms, teaching her the Greek ways of life, and gave her a little golden headband with the sapphire on it, a symbol of Poseidon. One day she asked what happened to her parents, and then they explained. She went crazy and almost committed suicide.

Sensei came just at the right time and convinced her to go with him and train herself to harness the water within her and become a ninja, she found her golden weapon and her elemental dragon, Aqua, who will kill anyone who threatens her owner

Elemental Dragon: [link]

Enjoy my new character!
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