Icthyocentaur Picture

Such a oddball of a myth beast in my opinion, I had to take a stab at illustrating one.

Drawn on paper, scanned and colored by computer. This and another piece soon are the result of a passive request I show more hand drawn drawings.

Edit- I've been told it might be a good idea to write more into the description so here's quoting the Wikipedia. Note when I read the description from another website it wasn't mentioned to be Greek (but I had a feeling it might be) and the horns weren't mentioned along with Dolphin tail was said instead of fish tail.

Quote: "In Greek mythology ichthyocentaurs (or ikhthyokentauroi) were a pair of centaurine sea-gods with the upper body of a man, the lower front of a horse, and the tail of a fish. Also, they wore lobster-claw horns. The two sea-gods were named Bythos ("Sea-Depths" or "Depth of Profundity") and Aphros ("Sea-Foam"). They were half-brothers of the wise centaur Chiron and the sons of Poseidon and the sea goddess Amphitrite."
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