One Piece: Striped Karina OC and Sanji :) Picture

Wanted name: Striped Karina (Due to her strip stockings)
Actual Name: Karina D. Loria
Family: Dad: Vice Admiral Drake Archbine
Mom: Pirate on Gol. D. Rogers crew: Bella Archbine
Bounty: 250 Million
Crew: StrawHat Pirates
Hair: purple
Eyes: crystal blue
Devil Fruit: Hydro Hydro Fruit (Water Water fruit)
Attacks: Hydro Hydro slash!: (Most common as to gum gum pistol) it makes water seem like a blade and is able to slice enemy's.
Hydro Hydro Sphere!: able to gather people in water ball and drown them in it.
Hydro Hydro Dragon bite: She bends the water into becoming a dragon knocks out enemy's.
Hydro Hydro Poseidon: (Common as gear third) A huge tsunami comes crashing down, the form of greek mythology god of water: Poseidon. Can reach out and grab people and throw them into the mouth of the old man form and into swirling water of his body.
Hydro Hydro Posses!: (Common as gear third) For a while she can make people move according to her will. controlling the blood in people's veins. due to her hydro ability. But requires a lot of concentration.
Love: Monkey D. Luffy
Personality: Reckless, energetic, fearless, social, playful, bold, loyal, caring,cute when she plays men, hot-headed

Weakness: hot climate weakens her ability.
Stronger: fresh water makes her ability stronger.
Likes: -watching sanji cook
-her sister (Polka dot Kari)
-Sitting on Zoro's back while he trains
Dislikes: -people who talk about one piece (Until she meets luffy)
-gol. D. Roger
-greedy people (With the exception of nami)

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