Hudor Theos: Water Levitation Picture

Drawing Ben's character the first time was alot of fun, and after bordem took over, I decided to draw him for a bit. I decided to draw him demonstrating his water levitation ability on a night setting.

The brighter white glow over the soft blue glow the orb usually gives off, was a total accident, but it definetly gives off a cool effect. So maybe the orb glows brighter when Hudor uses his powers? Also the glow of his eyes was a result of an idea after the glow accident: his eyes are either reflecting off the glow, or they are glowing themselves.
The water particles are crappy but that was the best I could do, and darkening Hudor comepletely to match with the night time setting was a pain in the ass, but Im pleased overall with the picture!~, I love you. -w-

Minecraft (c) Notch
Hudor Theos (c) Ben7432
Artwork (c) Myself

Don't tell Ben this, but this lack of gore is getting to me. He wanted to fight herobrine in game as well... you see where this is leading to. -cackles-
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