Aquos Ino Picture

Inesidora made a universe where all the Bakugan were Brawlers, and the original Brawlers were Bakugan... and many others did the same thing with their Bakugan OCs... but I haven't seen any for Ine-chan herself.  So, this was what I got.

Ino (also known as Leucothea) is a sea goddess from Greek Mythology.  As a Bakugan, Ino is of the Aquos attribute, and has a high affinity for water.  She is a Legendary (but not a Legendary Bakugan... there is a difference).

Best Equipment Cards (not Ability or Gate Cards):

Veil of Ino: Makes the wearer invulnerable while equipped and in water.  The instant the wearer touches land, the veil will dissapate, and the card will return to the brawler's hand.  Can only activate while Bakugan is in water.

Poseidon's Girdle: Changes the wearer's legs into a variety of deep sea creature bottoms, like fish tail, serpent tail, octopus tentacles, jellyfish tentacles, etc.  Can only use one form at a time.  Each bottom has different effects for battle.  Works especially with Aquos Bakugan.

I named her Ino, because 1) Ino is a sea goddess, and Inesidora is an Aquos brawler, and this Ino is an Aquos Bakugan... and 2) Ino's name sounds like it's related to Inesidora's name (though she had told me that this was never the case)...

Note me if you want to see your character as how I see it as a Bakugan or Oni...
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