Hippocampus WIP Picture

was bored and was skimming through my book. (The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures by John and Caitlin Matthews) and I decided to draw this.
I got a few other things in mind to draw but for now just gonna work on this one.

still not sure if I'm happy with it really might change a few things still not sure on colors ethier. also dunno what I'm going to color it with. probably colored pencils idk.

btw NOT good at drawing horses at All.

also what is says in the book. word for word.
The Hippocampus or Hippocamp is a sea creature from classical mythology, which had the front parts of a horse and the back parts of a fish or dragon. The sea god Poseidon's chariot was drawn by Hippocampi.
this is one of the short ones. most of them are alot longer. especially like werewolf or dragon, there like pages long.
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