Tempo.Reff_Sheet+ Picture

Name: Tempo
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Hermes Cat
Personality: Kind, sweet, thoughtful, generous, loving, caring, sensitive, shy.
Likes: Flowers, laying on the clouds, day dreaming, helping people, Loki.
Dislikes: Fighting, being hurt both phisically and emotionally, being made fun of, being bullied, being used, Poseidon.
Other: She is the Greek Goddess of Time, and is utterly infatuated with Loki, ~DarknEvilKitty's hermes cat. The watch around her neck lets her control time whenever she pleases, whether it be time traveling, stopping time, fast forwarding, rewinding, or whatever else. But, she doesn't use her power for her own selfish needs; she only uses it for self defence, or for when someone is in need of help.

Omg I'm so proud of this picture. It turned out so good, especially the wings. :'D

Tempo © ~SummerGal7.
Art © ~SummerGal7.

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