"The Siren's Tale" sketch Picture

This is intended to be the cover of a children's storybook for a simple yet unorthodox story combining Greek Mythology and Christian Scripture.

I made the siren on the cover look more like an anthropomorphic seabird instead of a mermaid, since the old myths associated the siren with birds as well as fish. In this story, sirens cause ships to crash so they can salvage the wreckage and eat the corpses of the sailors. They also sing songs of praise to Poseidon, since they credit him as their creator and master.
The story is about a young siren who is born mute. She's considered an outcast for having no voice, and her family has trouble understanding her needs. One night, with a certain familiar star glowing brighter than ever, the siren girl leaves the cliffs after being bullied severely. She can't tell her parents about it due to her handicap, and leaves because they think she's merely stubborn and immature. She flies over the land and follows the star, which she has always considered to be her lucky star. After flying inland for a long time that night, she finds the stable where Baby Jesus was born and where crowds of shepherds have gathered to see the newborn messiah. At first, she is regarded with fear, but Joseph allows her to see and even touch Baby Jesus. When she reaches down to stroke His cheek, he grasps her pinkie. When this happens, she feels a change occur in her body, like an electric shock. It makes her cry out in surprise. The fact that she cried out surprises her in turn, because she could never cry out even in pain before. She now has a voice.
She returns home the next day happier than she ever has been before. She tells her family and friends about what's happened. she is met with ridicule and nods of embarrassment from her parents.
She tries to fit in and sing all the hymns to Poseidon and talk about the same things her friends talk about, but she didn't sing as wonderfully as she did when she first got her voice.
She decides instead to use her gifts to sing about how she got her voice and about everything that gives her joy. This makes her an outcast again, because one night, her song of joy saves a ship from crashing upon the waves, since she flies about in the air singing instead of planting herself on the rocks. she inadvertently saved the ship because her singing was the best of all.
Though she is banished from her people, she finds a new home with sailors on the coast of Israel, warning them about storms and other dangers on the ocean.
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