Pegasus and Medusa Picture

In ancient Greek mythology, it makes perfect sense for a winged horse to be born when an ex-human-now-Gorgon has her head walloped off. That is, he just jumps up out of her blood, so I guess it's a good thing she was decapitated, because how else was this going to happen? Possibly he's the son of the sea god, who is a rapist. And the horse's half-brother is a winged boar. Unless he's a giant. In either case, Mommy's dead, so it's a good thing the horse can fend for himself immediately.

The truth is, ancient Greek mythologists, whenever they came to a stumbling block in a story, just threw up their hands and said, "Whatever, this happened because I said so. And it's gross and unnatural, but it's going to be preserved for thousands of years so then you can teach it to your elementary school kids. Have fun!"

media: mechanical and colored pencils
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