Leviathan Picture

This is one of a trio of Legendary Bakugan I've come across...

Leviathan is a serpent from Jewish Mythology. He's one of a trio of monsters, the other two being Behemoth and Ziz.  He is the King of the fishes, and is also the biggest sea creature alive. 

As a Bakugan, Leviathan is an Aquos-Darkus Bakugan, and is unmatched in all the ways of the sea.  He's a Titan-class Bakugan, a Bakugan the size (or larger than) a Mechtogan Titan.

I imagined the trio with another feature... I decided to split the three main features of the face (eyes, nose, mouth) between them. Leviathan has a voracious appetite, and so his feature would be his many mouths (here, they're concealed). I got this from the fact that many sea creatures are such voracious eaters.

Leviathan can combine with Behemoth and Ziz to create Chimaeron Ultimus, a Chimera-like creature.

Listened to "Rage Of Poseidon" while drawing him: [link]
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