I wont forgive you Picture

... for breaking my heart and leaving me alone. I will forever hold the grudge, for I am going to live forever.

In Greek mythology, Ariadne was the princess of Crete. She fell in love with Theseus, a son of Poseidon. She gave him a string to travel through her father's labyrinth, without being lost. He promised to marry her, but when she came to run off with him, he abandoned her. Dionysus fell in love with her, and healed her broken heart. When she died, when she was killed by Perseus, Dionysus traveled to the underworld and retreived her soul. He then married her and made her his immortal wife on olympus.

Emily has been here for a week, and so I made her try on my costume. The sheild/thing is a wall ornament for my new Poseidon room, and the crown she got from my neighbor.

Ariadne: ~aquafizzy10
Photographer/Photoshopper: Me
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