Monster Miles doodles Picture

I've been drawing Miles lately.

Anyways.. I dont really know how to describe this xD but this is Miles 'other form' in a way.

I dont really get much into his history..but he's a demi god, and the definition of a demigod is either the offspring of a human and a god.. or a human that was granted godly powers.

Miles on the other hand, is the offspring of two gods, but was imprison'd in a human body and sent to Acberron~ And this form is a side effect of a Canine-like god (which is the father...maybe)

Originally, I think his mother was either a sky goddess (or something similar to Athena) or a sea goddess... and his father (supposedly) was a god similar to Poseidon (god of the sea). But his mother had an affair with a lower/underworld god (the Canine-like/Beast god) and when Miles came around and the Sea god found out about the affair in a rage he sent Miles to the mortal world~

Miles was originally Milo back when he was a god. (the name Miles originated from Milo just so you know
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