Kaiju Oceanus Picture

Name : Oceanus
Scientific name : Meinopodosaurus Poseidon
Codename : Kraken
Size/Category : ??
Height : 3,478.2 feet/1,060.1 meters/1.06 kilometers (estimation)
Weight : 51,870 tons (estimation)
Hostility : Low
Element : Water/Ocean
Brief History : Measuring in a whooping 15.587 kilometers in length, Oceanus is clearly the largest and the most massive Kaiju in existence. When surfaced, it's head alone could be mistaken as an island by fishing boats. Oceanus' emergences predates back when water started to form on the earth's surface and it's existence was documented on early cave writings and other ancient artifacts from prehistoric times. During the age of expansion, Oceanus often made itself known to sailors traveling on the silk routes, dragging down ships that were too close to it's territory. Experts speculated that this must have sparked tales about the tales of sea serpents and other sea dwelling mythological beast such as the Kraken.

Oceanus' sheer size made it very difficult to be Categorized, this made Oceanus the only Kaiju without a Category but it has been given a codename; KRAKEN. Today, Oceanus mostly resides on it's lair, an asteroid crater off shore the western Eurosian continent but it will surface when a ship passed by. Scientist from the Kaiju Research Center (KRC) kept monitoring the behemoth's activity underwater via remote controlled submersibles.

A sketch of a giant legless mosasaurian,kraken kaiju/titan/whatever. Now colored.
Oceanus (C)
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