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Name: Tempo
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Hermes Cat
Personality: Naive, quirky, very sincere and sweet; just a tad bit ditsy.
Likes: Day dreaming, star gazing, Loki.
Dislikes: The results of her weaknesses [betrayal, used, dishonesty, etc.], Poseidon.
Other: The [unofficial] Greek Goddess of Time. Unwittingly infatuated with the Norse God of Trickery, Loki, despite the many lies and mistreatment he’s put her through. Does not appreciate or notice the Greek God of the Sea’s, Poseidon’s, attempts to seduce and lure her away from Loki. Has the power over time and space around her neck; the golden watch not only keeps history in check, but is her life force. If the watch were somehow damaged or stopped suddenly, it would be the end for our dear Tempo.

Tempo is my favorite, no questions asked.

I’ve always loved Greek Mythology, and the idea of a character who has the ability to travel through time had always left me fascinated in the back of my mind. Now that I’ve created something to put my idea to the test, I’ve very much liked the outcome; she’s everything I’ve always imagined she’d be like, and believe me, her personality and history’s been through a LOT of changes in the past few years.

I have to admit her current background was inspired by a lot of material from All Dogs Go to Heaven; Charlie winding his watch back up to go back to Earth, along with the fact that its condition determines his health, is what made me think of “the watch is her life force” bit.

And I just wanna add that her resemblance to Annabelle, the Whippet Angel, is completely unintentional and coincidental. I just totally realized it after I finished coloring, baha. P:

Anyway, enjoy~

Tempo © ~SummerGal7.
Background Image © Google.

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