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Sea God Beast

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The final member of the god beast line, they have several unique features that seperate them from the other six. First of all, Sea God Beasts do not have speakers to produce sound like most other life forms on Tunjera. Instead, they have an organ called a Zither. They are metallic wires protuding from their chin into their chest, held tightly and creating sounds when they vibrate.

They do not actually live in the oceans like many deities from our mythologies. Instead, they are portrayed as guardians of the ocean, ensuring that life on the ground never meets that of the water. Sea God Beast patrol the beaches looking for animals walking about, many that are migrating by following the coast. They survey their territory by using the largest central eye as a telescope. When prey is spotted, they revv up their engines and drive towards the animal, creating a large cloud of dust as they accelerate. They tackle their victim and grab hold of their heads using the two mouths on their arms than serve as hands. The acid that leaks through the tentacles slowly melt away the victim's processor in a slow painful death. The Sea God beast can then proceed to consume its prey.

The truth is, these large carnivores are, unlike the other members of the line, much more social. Family members or close relatives are responsible for their own acre along the coast. When night falls, they come together again for protection from other predators and the occasional cold rain and wind from the sea. Some members of the family may not have been able to make a kill. So one that was lucky enough can share some of the food it consumed via a hand shake like gesture that passes food from one member to the next.

There is another interesting reason for these creatures to live near the beach. Like all life forms on Tunjera, reproduction is far more complex and takes more time than on any other worlds. Females actually lay in the water not an organism as a whole, but into several pieces. Under the surface at about hip deep, they assemble the pieces of the animal by hand while also providing it metallic components and food as it grows. It also wields everything together using the hold acid from its hands. And working underwater helps the acid cool down faster, speeding up the creation of a juvenile.

Other interesting facts are that the black metal components that make up the back and the neck of this animal are made of a water resistant compound. Since it lives near high levels of moisture, it helps prevent the animal from rusting, which is like a disease to many life forms on this world of cyborgs. With a solid neck and the presence of the Zither, Sea God Beast cannot turn their head, but their torso is very flexible, allowing them to better monitor their surroundings. The two pairs of triple eyes on each side of the creature's head are weaker than the telescopic eye. They are mainly used to study objects up close and detect the location of the prey's central computer (brain). They each slowly take snapshops of what they sea, but they do it one after another, enabling them to see a slideshow of their environment.

One question we may all ask is if it's the god of the sea and Tunjera's seas are purple, then why isn't this creature purple? Well near the beach there is very little shelter as Worms can either drown in the tide or be knocked down by the powerful winds. The Sea God Beasts are therefor exposed to the elements, and are bright blue to help reflect ultraviolet light. Their upper arms are still red in color because that's where they can directly injest elements from the air to help energize their muscles.

I'm glad I finished the line with this creature, back when I was sketching, I tried real hard to make something unique and went through a handful of sketches. I am very pleased with the amount of details and the originality of its design. I hope this creature will make other people take aliens with wheels more seriously.

Spore version here, and boy can it dance: [link]

I am the one hiding under your bed
Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red
I am the one hiding under your stairs
Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair

-Monsters of Halloween Town
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