Cetus The Great Whale Picture

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-Jonahs Whale

Bio: Off the coast of the city of Jaffa(or Jappa) the remains of what appeared to be a large statue were found. Scientists however concluded that it was once a living thing. When examed it showed similar signs to thoughs turned to stone by the Basilisk. The only problem is that no Basilisk would never have been able to turn a creature like this to stone(it's to big and powerful). The fossil even showed large suction cup based scars similar to what's found on Sperm Whale while fighting Giant Squid only biger. The species was originally thought to be extinct until a Japanese whaling vessel went down, inbedded in the ships side was a broken claw which matched the ones found in Jaffa. The only known survivor was found several miles away on a small Island, where he claimed he was in the "belly of the beast" before he was vomited out. They are type of toothed whale.

Affiliation: Neutral

Classification: Animal

Breeding: Unknown

Size: 110 ft long

Powers, abilities and notable traits:
-Powerful swimmer
-Thick hide
-Sonic blast, used to stun and even kill prey
-Semiaquatic, though most never go on land they can by using their forarms and tail to help push themselves forward
-High intelligence(for an animal)
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