Perseus With Outline Picture

This is an update of a previous version of this picture. This one is a lot better. The proportions are better, the figure has armor, and the lines are a lot cleaner. I'm pleased with this piece.

This is the constellation Perseus, with an outline I was able to do in Gimp. The cluster of stars in the bottom right is the Pleiades.

Perseus was a hero in Greek mythology. Here he is shown on his way back from killing the monster, Medusa (who's image was burned onto his shield, she was so ugly). On his way home, he sees princess Andromeda chained to a rock. He finds out from her father, King Cepheus, that his wife, Cassiopeia, had boasted that she and her daughter, Andromeda, were more beautiful than the sea nymphs. This upset the nymphs, who complained to Poseidon, the god of the sea, who created a sea monster that started eating the ships around Cepheus' kingdom. An oracle told Cepheus that the only way to stop the monster was to offer his daughter to it. Perseus kills the monster and takes Andromeda as his wife.
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