Preservation CLR Picture

The Mermaids of Alope #6

B&W version of this photo is here: wingz2flyaway9011.deviantart.c…

Models: Sarah
Photo: Me

...This is why the Mermaids tried to keep their Spring hidden, why they chased away strangers who encountered it, and why they tried as hard as they could to prevent other women from drinking in the stream. They prevented men as often as possible, too, from drinking, because although a drink from the Spring would not have the same effect on a man as it would a woman, it still possessed them with a delirium that would drive them mad until they returned to the Spring with a women in tow and she drank of the water. Because of this, if was safer for the Mermaids to be concealed from humans at all times; even the humans who knew nothing of their gifts...

[to be continued in next photo]

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