Azar Brothers Contest Entry Picture


Tee hee. I started this a while ago and then procrastinated, but today I was super productive in between biology assignments.

My entry for the Azar henchman brothers for *boribaby's design-a-character contest.

I have potential names for them, too, but I couldn't land on any in particular, so there are a pair of... pairs left. Lol.

1. Xanthus and Balius (Balius being the darker one): names of the twin horses which pulled Achilles' chariot in the Trojan War. I like these, but I'm not totally sold on them just because Xanthus seems to be a pretty popular name.

2. Andai and Arion (Andai being the darker one): Andai is a Slavic/Baltic deity of war and horses, and Arion is the horse son of Poseidon and Demeter. They're not particularly related... at all... but I liked the ring of the names together and they're still nice fancy mythological references.

I like nice fancy mythological references.

I think of the darker top stallion being the elder of the two brothers, but it could go either way, really. >>

Hope you like, Bori!

Azar breed (C)
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