Chrysaor Picture

This is a fan art about Japanese manga/anime Saint Seiya drawn by Masami Kurumada. My version is very different. The story happens in Greek mythological era. When the Olympian gods fought the Titans, each god formed an army of knights. Hephaestus created all the armors for them. Athena only had 48 knights (according to the number of ancient constellations). When the war ended, half of Athena's army was dead. The survivors became rogue knights because their service was no longer required. Just like the original Greek version, Athena chose to mingle with other gods on mount Olympus - leaving humans at the mercy of mischievous gods and dangerous monsters. Each ex-Athena's knight then handed down their armor and power to their descendants or relatives. Although the war against the titans had ended, people still needed savior because sometimes Olympian gods caused havoc. Hence, the knights were still in business of saving lives.

Chrysaor is a demi-god, son of Poseidon. When Perseus slayed Medusa, from her head sprang out Chrysaor and Pegasus. Poseidon then raised Chrysaor and made him one of 7 generals. He is the only aquatic god/demi-god who masters fire power. The armor that was made for him could produce fire. Nevertheless Chrysaor needs to always wear special black gloves to handle his own fire power.

Because he's Poseidon's son, Chrysaor often thinks that he owns the entire ocean, including his father's generals. Although at first he was fooling around with them, he found himself attracted to Korax - Salamander Knight. When Triton's treasure was stolen, Chrysaor offered his help. While Triton battled Ouranos - Andromeda - and Cygnus, and while Korax chased Phoenix, Chrysaor stormed into Ouranos' kingdom to retrieve the All-Seeing Pearl. Yet upon touching it, he was overpowered by the horrendous vision. He saw Korax' death!

In Saint Seiya universe, Chrysaor Knight is not Chrysaor the demi-god. Instead, he's a guy from Sri Lanka named Krishna simply because he guards the Pillar of Indian Sea. It's weird because Poseidon Knight is the god Poseidon, so why Chrysaor Knight is not Chrysaor himself??? Chrysaor Armor is also weirdly modeled like oriental god. Because I want to be true to the myth, in my version, Chrysaor Knight is Chrysaor the demigod himself.

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