Harbinger, Bringer of Death Picture

After drawing the other two swords and deciding that I wanted there to be three Mythos Runeblades, almost immediately I knew that the third blade was not going to blade of untold power and wisdom, and goodness. It would be the most truely evil blade of all.

But where Zanmato was a blade of singular hate, Frostmourne was a blade of cold revenge; Harbinger was a blade of full and undirected malice against everything. This comes across in the dual-blade design. Which, in the story, works quite nicely: Hades made the blade himself, with the goal of going after Prometheus and Poseidon, so he would've made something powerful enough to fight both at once.

I'm not sure where the Persephone idea came from...I knew that Hades would be wielding it, and the "hilt inlaid with the bones..." thing sounded so cool, and since Persephone was a good person, yet a good 'dead' queen, she seemed like Hades' one redeeming quality, it all worked out.

BTW: The full image is huge because I started making the blades on the same scale of the others...twice as long, so the image is twice as big...but the text is sized to be viewed when squished onto a 1024x768 screen.
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