Senior Class Ulisse Picture

Oh! I'm so happy!! Starlight Rangers go to school!! I LOVE school uniforms, I lo ve the school life, so, for that reason I was very happy to do Ulisse going to School and with his fancy uniform (obviously, following the rules!)

Age: 17
Regular Student, President of the Mythology Club, Member of the Swimming Club, Champion of the Swimming Ligue (badge), Leader of the Poseidon's Team on Swimming Club (arm strip) and Member of the Creativity Club

Ulisse, as a very joyful person, enjoys the days of summer, going to swim and likes a lot read about myths, but he get bored so quickly in regular classes... and he doesn't like much to study...
He wants that a VideoGame Club opens in the School!! ^_^

The rules for this meme are here [link]
and here is the uniform sheet [link]
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