Tattoos: Twilight Sparkle Picture

So that rumor about Twilight becoming a unicorn-pegasus seems to be true, so I look forward to what the writers intend to do with her. I'm not one of those MLP fans who went absolutely bonkers when Faust left the show and I still love it and it looks like the fans love it so much there will be a 4th season! Wow! Awesome omg! So the 3rd season ends at 13 episodes? Then the 4th will go back to the 26 episodes??? Um, ok.

I'm also trying to think of ideas for Trotcon, I don't know if I'm going yet because I'm scheduled to go to France in June and unfortunately I don't know the date of my departure until the end of February. But I plan on redrawing and making prints of [link] and making one of Discord/Celestia and Discord/Fluttershy. Y'know, since the show pulls so much from mythology, wouldn't it be fun to make Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra siblings? I mean, think about it? The Greek Titans? Zues, Hades, Poseidon! GASP! What if I just stumbled onto a great grand scheme of the show! Now I am expecting it and it better happen!

Twilight © Hasbro
Art © Aspendragon
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