water starters Picture

These are some fake pokemon I came up with, a water starter evolutionary chain.

Equuay (water)
[Equus + quay]

They can be seen playing around warfs and piers around the reigon

Amphorse (water/ground)
[amphora + horse (pronounced AM-forse)]

They are vrey competitive and are known for racing SEADRAS.

Equuake (water/ground)
[Equus + quake]

It is incredibly strong, and can kick hard enough to create tsunamis.

I wasn't going to go with water/ground, but poseidon was the greek god of the oceans and earthquakes (and horses!), so I wanted to be authentic. They're based of of the hippocampus ([link]), so I added in as much, uh, greek-ness as I could, with the armor and belts 'n stuff. Also, Equus is the horse's scientific classification.

pokemon (c) nintendo
these guys (c) me

ps- of my 3 starter chains, which is your fave?
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