Amphitrite Picture

I am still alive!!! Just been VERY busy with school, besides, this is still school-related. Slacking off? Me? Never!

The goddess here is Amphitrite, Queen/goddess of the sea, married to Poseidon, ect.
This is how I would imagine her to look like, even though I'm prolly waaaaay off. Most paintings and sculptures have her naked, for one thing. I also don't believe she's blonde, but by the time I finished this it was too late to go back. (did all the coloring on one layer) Speaking of which, photoshop is actually pretty decent for digital paintings one you figure out the limited brush options! Yaaaay!

This is going on my presentation for my English class, yes, it is Greek myth season, and I love it. 3 days with no eng. homework is WONDERFUL, btw.

The BG here and texture are pics from clipart, so do I have to credit it? Clipart doesn't have copyrights, right? So no crediting? sweet.

Please tell me how i'm doing!
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