Hawaiian Gods-The Big Four Picture

Here is my rendition of the four major ruling gods of Hawaii. They are four brothers. Kane is the eldest, followed by Kanaloa, then the last two, Lono and Ku.

At the top is Kane(pronounced Ka-neh) who is like Zues of Greek Mythos. He's God of Creation, Storms, and Life. Supposedly he is split black and white straight down the centerline of his body.

On the far right is Kanaloa, a Hawaiian Poseidon if you will. He is god of the Ocean Depths and mysterious healing magics. When Kane first created man, Kanaloa tried to beat him to it. Kane created first man out of the finest, richest soil materials. kanaloa used a large rock/boulder. As a result, all Kanaloa succeded in creating was the words first stone statue. Kanaloa's favorite form is often the octopus or squid.

In the center and far left are Ku and Lono. THese two are opposites. Although I have not found any proof of this, I often think of them as twins. Ku is everything Lono is not.

Ku is god of War, the wild nature, and of working labor(patron of the working man). Interesting combination of duties? Well remember, Ku is the opposite of Lono.

And Lono is the god of Peace, Agriculture(tamed nature), and games(play instead of work). Lono's favorite animal is the boar.
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