::Improvement Meme:: Picture

So the other day I found this awful picture of Sasha and Alex on their first "date" (all the way from Book I!!!) so I decided to do another improvement meme. Alex looks like less of a doof while remaining extremely nervous. Sasha's sister, Greta, caked on eyeliner despite the fact that Sasha rarely wears makeup. That's why her eyes are so much darker.
Ahhh! It was so weird drawing Alex's hair long and without his under eye scar AND Sasha without a ponytail! ;A;
Oh man, I still need SO much practice with clothing *flail*

+ .05 mechanical pencil, stick eraser, kneaded eraser
+ Time: way longer than it should have
+ (whatilike) I actually like it all surprisingly. Specifically Alex's face/expression/awkwardness and Sasha's shirtdress

Sasha & Alex © Devin and Mandy Robertson
art © 2011 Mandy Robertson
No using or distributing without permission
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