Poseidon.Reff_Sheet+ Picture

Name: Poseidon
Age: Physically 21, actual age unknown.
Gender: Male
Species: Aquatic Cat
Personality: Greedy, selfish, unkind, harsh, cruel, and a real lady's man. If he was around durring the Holocaust, he'd deffinately survive as one of Hitler's nazis.
Likes: Women, water, sea creatures, money.
Dislikes: Loki, dry things, heat, the sun.
Other: Since Loki came to Mt. Olympus, all of Poseidon's women have been hovoring over him like crazed fangirls, and Poseidon absotively, posilutely /hates/ it. So, he attempts to take away Loki's one and only true love: Tempo, into getting revenge for stealing his women. Ultimately, Loki and Tempo end up together again, but I'll leave the 'how' up to you. ;3

Omg. My best picture EVAR. : O

I've been meaning to make his reff sheet for a while, but school and art blocks have been getting in my way (not to mention my sprained arm, but that's been healed up for a while now). So, I decided to make the reff sheet for my all time favourite greek god: Poseidon.
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