Hetalia Incest Stamp Picture

To me, Hetalia incest is basically mythology incest. No one seems to be grossed out at the fact Isis and Osiris were husband and wife but also siblings; yet "OMG GERMANCEST IS TEH WURST EVAR"
APH people are anthros- they represent something. While I do indeed ship characters over countries; the way I think of it is like this: Aphrodite/Venus represented love. Poseidon/Neptune represented the sea. They fucked and had a kid. That doesn't literally mean love fucked the sea, just their representations did. They were also uncle and niece.

Plus, mythology was actually worshipped and believed in as fact. APH is just an anime/manga.

In the stamp is Americest, UkrRusBela, Germancest, Itacest, Neth/Belgium, and NorIce.
SwissLiech, USUK, Franada, NiChu etc are NOT real incest! Just because you found someone in the middle of nowhere doesn't mean that they are actually related to you. I included the pairings that are biologically incestuous.

But if you don't like APH incest, that's fine! I'm not going to hate you because you don't like it. That'd be stupid.


None of the pictures are mine. They were found on Pixiv.

ALSO. Liking yuri doesn't make me a lesbian, and liking incest doesn't mean I want to fuck my relatives.
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