Percy Jackson Picture

Percy Jackson
It was passed a lot time ago since I did some fan-arts.

Well this is one of the first human drawings that I like how them look. He is Percy Jackson from the Rick Riordan books, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

I read all of the first serie books the last week and now Im reading the new serie but I like more the first serie, I want to start to read the Son of Neptune today.

I hope that you like it too :3

Here I will put the synopsis for you


"Percy Jackson & the Olympians" is a pentalogy of adventure and fantasy fiction books authored by Rick Riordan. Set in the United States, the books are predominantly based on Greek mythology and deals with a demigod, Percy Jackson and his quest to stop the rise of the Titan lord Kronos. All 5 books are seen in Percy's witty and sardonic point of view. The series tackles themes like coming of age, love and teenage angst.
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